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Veterans' Services



Tell your fascinating story as an enduring legacy for your family, and at the same time, share your memories with today's generations while letting them know that you, personally, fought for the Freedom they hold so dear.


From concept to completion, we will write and produce your entire video, working with you to achieve the final project you've imagined.



Honor your loved one with a  lasting tribute to their selfless dedication to service and love of country.

When Grumpy Cat Productions creates your one-of-a-kind documentary, our highly experienced staff takes great care to ensure that every part of the production is historically accurate through exhaustive research and attention to detail. This is not just some video; it's an integral part of American history.


In order to make the video exclusively yours, some things we will need from you are: First and foremost, your exciting war story!  We will also need personal war memorabilia (medals, photos, video and/or audio recordings, journals, correspondence, uniforms, etc.).


Once completed, your new video will become part of our Master Catalogue, where libraries and other institutions, interested in adding these first-hand accounts to their program, may do so. Your or your loved one's story could finally be in the spotlight to educate and inspire today's generations.  And, to show them the incredibly high price of Freedom.

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Veterans and their families


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