Michele Strilich


Michele Strilich is Owner and Executive Video Consultant of Grumpy Cat Productions.
Michele is an award winning writer/producer/editor with extensive experience in video production.  A combination of more than 15 years at local Colorado NBC and ABC affiliates allowed her the opportunity to hone her skills in writing, producing, shooting, editing, set design, voice over and narration. Michele has produced and edited many, incredible, WWII stories while having had the honor of meeting these amazing people! 
                 Patricia Spiers
Along with a Masters in History, Patty's passion is broadcast journalism; specifically, linking the present to the past. She researches and writes freelance feature stories for outlets such as KVOR, KCSJ, NPR and Rocky Mountain PBS.  In 2003, Patty started documenting first hand accounts of veterans who fought for Freedom in WWII. History...from the people who lived it. She has, since, produced many WWII documentaries, getting to the heart and soul of the Greatest Generation and telling their captivating stories.




                    Rick Gibson
An award-winning videographer, Rick brings more than 25 years of experience, along with a professional eye for excellence! His versatile shooting style lends itself to many forms of video, including commercial, corporate and intricate visual storytelling.  It's all about the shot, and Rick will go above and beyond to make sure it's the best it can be!





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